Mary Ellen Breckenridge BDSc RDH

Mary Ellen BreckenridgeMary Ellen Breckenridge has a way of creating smiles. In her care:

  • sincere attention for your individual needs.
  • genuine caring
  • pampered by her gentle touch
  • Hepa-filtered ventilation system

Atmosphere isn't everything. Results count, especially with your health.

Celebrating 20+years of making smiles, Mary Ellen is proud of her practice which was built on the philosophy that people should have a choice in who provides their health care needs. At Victoria's Dental Hygiene Clinic, clients know they'll receive excellent care, for Mary Ellen has raised the bar for the standard of care one should come to expect in oral hygiene services. Her expert touch attracts clients all over North America.

“That was the best dental cleaning I have ever experienced” her clientele often comment.

The public are more educated about their health, and more conscious of looking after their smiles," Mary Ellen points out. "They want to take control of their healthcare needs, and seeing a dental hygienist is one aspect of that."

Mary Ellen's clients are health conscious women and men who appreciate and value her expertise and consistent care.

“Professional teeth cleaning, providing gum therapy and education is the primary focus of our business.”

Tooth whitening, in office Glo Whitening and professional take home kits are very popular.

Mary Ellen helps people develop and continue good habits at home. She carries the most effective power toothbrush. The Rotadent by Denmac has proven itself in both continent-wide academic studies and in Mary Ellen's clinic. "Clients who use it always improve their dental health, whether they're prone to gum problems or heavy deposits," Mary Ellen emphasizes. "It's more therapeutic and safer than any other electric device." The clinic has had great success with this product and clients are thrilled with their results. "Finding the right tools for my clients is the key to their home-care results."

The Rotadent has a 2 year Warranty and is a great investment for your smile. All other electric devises have proven inadequate in comparison, in some cases even damaging teeth and gums over time.

She also recommends natural products. Xyliwhite toothpaste is made from all-natural ingredients (gluten free) and is available at the clinic. It has xylitol (proven to fight the bacteria that cause decay), as well as baking soda (buffers the oral environment and maintains pH balance, and Papin for whitening teeth.

“We now have MI Paste, a product that promises to take care of sensitive teeth. It helps by reducing the acidity of your saliva. Made from a sticky milk protein which provides calcium and phosphate minerals for the teeth, leaving the enamel stronger, more resistant to decay while relieving tooth sensitivity.” Great for stimulating salivary flow for people who suffer from dry mouth. She is always ready to provide the latest therapies for her clients. “We are now testing the pH of saliva during our assessments. "The quality and quantity of saliva is probably the most important factor in one's oral health. Our assessment tools help us determine the best treatment for your needs.”

"MI Paste soothes like a gem," she says. "I put it on and then clean teeth without any discomfort. Then I apply it post-treatment for a therapeutic benefit."

PerioSmart is an antibacterial oral hygiene rinse with organic essential oils.

"Seeing my clients on a consistent basis, I learn of their individual needs and monitor their specific concerns. If I see something beyond the scope of my expertise as a hygienist, I bring it to their attention and refer them to a dentist or other health care professional in the community."

Mary Ellen collaborates with dentists, physicians, naturopaths, and homeopaths, to name just a few. If you don't have a dentist, she can usually recommend a good match for your individual needs.

"It's important to work with dentists and other healthcare providers," Mary Ellen says. "That way all the client's needs are met."

The hygienists here take your smile to heart. You get excellent, consistent care in a friendly, tranquil setting. Mary Ellen Breckenridge invites you to Victoria's Dental Hygiene Clinic.
Upon entering the clinic you will be greeted by Tatiana, the office manager. She will welcome you with her warm smile, take care of your administrative needs and help orient you to our clinic.

You'll definitely "come out smiling!"