Victoria's Dental Hygiene Clinic follows the British Columbia Dental Association Fee Guide. The cost of a cleaning is probably the most frequent question asked. 

Our first appointment is one and half hours and can cost between 220.00 - 280.00 depending on your needs.
Fees increase on February 1st of each year

A new client assessment includes a head and neck exam, cancer screening, assessment of all the oral tissues: recession noted; measurement of gum line, gum pockets for any bone loss, mobilities, and oral hygiene habits , oral hygiene instruction, recommendations. This assessment is a base line of data which shows us a picture of your oral health. This Data enables us to offer you treatments based on your needs. A diagnosis is given. 

In the clinical setting, dental hygiene assessment involves the gathering or updating of information relating to the your general and oral health, and the hard and soft tissues of the head, neck and oral cavity. The dental hygienist will obtain this information by performing some or all of the following assessment procedures:

  • medical and dental history
  • wellness habits, including (but not exclusively) nutrition and use of tobacco products
  • vital signs
  • head and neck examination
  • intra-oral soft tissue examination
  • periodontal examination
  • dental examination
  • occlusal examination
  • diagnostic tests, including (but not exclusively) pulp vitality tests, bacterial tests to determine caries risk and enzyme tests to determine periodontal disease
  • radiographic interpretation – including exposing and processing
  • impressions for study models
  • intra-oral and extra-oral dental photographs
  • preserving and packaging biopsy specimens for shipment

Once assessment data is gathered we critically analyses the data and formulate a dental hygiene diagnosis.